Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Amazon’s Patterson Fulfillment Center in Patterson California has announced a partnership with the local high school. The high school offers a logistics program. Here students will leave high school with a certification that they can use in the industry. The logistics program at Patterson High School is one of the first in the state.

Amazon will hire up to 10 graduating students a year. The jobs are full-time, associate positions that include a full health benefits package, which goes into effect on the first day at work.

Each student must meet current hiring requirements for Amazon employees, have a track record of good attendance and submit a recommendation from school leadership identifying them as a top performer in the business logistics program.

Amazon and Patterson High School’s partnership is something new for Amazon, and hopes to replicate the program in other communities that house Amazon fulfillment centers.


Send The Light Distribution (STL), one of the largest Christian product distributors in the world, has opened a new distribution center in Bristol Tennessee as announced by the city of Bristol and the Bristol Courier Journal this week. The new distribution center is located in the Bristol Industrial Park. The move will bring 100 additional jobs to the Bristol area and the possibility of more if new contracts are signed.

The company move took place over Memorial Day weekend, when the entire content of Send The Light Distribution’s warehouse was moved to the new Bristol warehouse.

Send the Light Distribution ships to more than 10,000 locations, and it ships out more than 25,000 Bibles and Testaments per day.